What can I do?


An Asian elephant mother, Rama,  and her baby, Chendra, at the Oregon Zoo.


The biggest way a citizen can influence change is by voting. Here are some proposed legislation for Asian Elephant conservation to keep an eye out for in the future:

In an effort to mitigate the effects of human disturbance on Asian elephant population, it has been suggested that new protected areas (with little to no roads running through them). Because elephants are known to migrate out of their protected areas at night (Fernando), it has also been proposed that migration corridors that elephants travel through be legally protected through an amendment to the Indian Wildlife Protection Act (Choudhury, 2004).

Though legislation has been put in place to make poaching illegal, this has not stopped this illegal activity for occurring. Stricter regulation on  poaching will help to bring this problem to and end. Interpol has analyzed the effectiveness of such anti-poaching law enforcement in Africa which can be adapted to protect Asian elephants from poaching.


WWF allows for the symbolic adoption of Borneo Pygmy elephants, the sub-species of Asian Elephants with the greatest threat. By sponsoring an elephant, you are supporting WWF’s conservation efforts around the world, but specifically in the areas where Asian Elephants live.

Stuffed animal elephant included in the adoption kit