What is being done?


Various efforts are being made by organizations around the globe to protect and preserve Asian elephants.

World Wildlife Foundation

WWF focuses its efforts in Sumatra to eradicate the practice of illegal poaching and ivory trade. Patrol units enforce anti-poaching  laws by confiscating traps. Not only this, they educate the local communities on the laws against poaching as well as the ecological impact that poaching has on the local habitats, along with equipping the local authorities with the necessary tools  to capture such criminals.

To help conserve the habitat of Asian Elephants, WWF works with the government of Indonesia, palm oil companies, and other companies that use that extract goods from the carbon-rich soils of these forests. The foundation of the Tesso Nilo National Park in Sumatra in 2004 has provided a suitable habitat in terms of are and vegetation for Asian elephants to thrive. Ensuring these elephants a suitable habitat can greatly reduce human-elephant conflict.



ElefantAsia helps to support alternate methods of logging for mahouts (elephant drivers) that brings them the most income at the least cost for the elephants. They also provide veterinary care via mobile clinics to ensure the health of the elephants that are held in captivity. In all their efforts, they seek to educate the native people in how to care for the elephants,  and about the significance of the fact that they are going extinct.